Marriage in Greek showbiz! Which artist will go up the steps of the church? (Photos)


Ready for the next step by the known artist.

One of the most beautiful moments of his life seems to be going through this, since after three years of joint venture with his beloved Anthi, they decided to take the next step in their relationship.
So, according to Real News, the couple after Easter are planning to climb the steps of the church in Cyprus.

The wedding scene was the most prevalent for the couple, as they all spoke of a constantly growing love.

The guests will be minimal so that the ceremony takes place as distinctly as possible.
Both the singer and the dance teacher are two discreet people who prefer to keep their personal lives out of the limelight.
This is the reason why there are only a few times when the camera lens "crashed" together.

A few days ago, the photographic lens of identified them on one of their walks in a well-known shopping mall in Athens.

So good!
See the relevant photos as well as the couple below:


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