Marianna Tsoumasatou: What he says when he is seen from the past!


In the "Kou Ku Nest" was invited Marianna Tumassatou on the morning of Wednesday.

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The actor starring the ANT1 daily series "Untitled woman"She was ashamed when she Katerina Karavatou it's the Kateros Katsoulis showed how she was 27 years ago on her first TV show. "Destruction …" he said and spoke for that time.

"There was no clique in the MasterChef": Tassos's response to Alkistis

"Then a cheerful girl, now a cheerful lady" and continued: "I had finished drama school and in my first performance I played in" Wild Honey "with Kimoulis, Yiannis Vouros was at the show where she made the production organization" Women "She went to Mirella and saw me and told me to do Lisa. We put together a very cool company that we just left school, it was really a great time and a period of my life."


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