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The case of Slimani Islam seems to be "hot" with Olympiacos, according to information from England that Kostas Nikolakopoulos invokes for the "Red Champion."

According to the report, the Algerian striker seems to be changing the team again in the summer as it looks like he will not stay in Fenerbahce, who is Leicester's lender.

However, the "foxes" do not intend to keep the 30-year-old on the list, which is looking again for the next season in his career.

The desire of the English club would be to give the player an amount of about 10 million euros, but this does not seem right right now.

For this reason, the British seem to think of returning it as loan to another group, with Olympiacos reporting the facts of the case.

The same report argues that for Olympiacos looking for an experienced golfer, Slimani's case looks interesting, as he is a footballer who will not fight in the next Africa Cup.

But this is still a very difficult case that depends on several factors.


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