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Last chance for retroactive rent subsidy

To this day, April 30, those who want to be paid retrospectively beginning January 1 can apply for rent subsidy.

Particularly during the first implementation of the program and for the applications to be submitted in March and April, the right to payment of the subsidy is valid as of 01/01/2019 and is paid in full as a first installment, for beneficiaries who conditions and terms of the program and for which name there is an electronic lease from that date.

Subsequently, once the application is approved, they will be paid in May and back, while those who have applied since March will be paid the second installment.

The allowance is paid monthly in the beneficiary's bank account. Please note that the allowance is not paid if the applicant has not indicated in his application a bank account number for which he / she is a beneficiary or co-beneficiary. In addition, the subsidy is not paid in case of failure to identify it by means of a VAT number.

The right to payment of the allowance shall be valid from the first day of the month following that in which the application was lodged.

What stakeholders should know

Beneficiaries and other adult members of the household:

a) Submit an Income Tax Return each year.

(b) They consent to the use of the ADAM database, as well as to all intersections performed by HIDIKA. SA, to confirm the data of all members of the household, including guests.

(c) They consent to the use of their data for program evaluation purposes only.

(d) Agree to conduct social surveys and home visits by competent officials, if necessary, for on-site verification of the composition of the domicile.

e) Inform the entire duration of the concession period of the provision for any termination or termination of the lease.

f) Include in the next tax return all changes reported during the registration process.'s Information

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