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A large political dimension is taken in the case of debt indebtedness EUR 120 million from the company "Greek Chemical Fertilizers" by Lavrentis Lavrentiadis for DEPA after today's (Third) disclosures of former DEPA CEO Theodoros Kitsakos that government officials were aware of his manipulations for which he was prosecuted a few days ago for a crime infidelity to the detriment of the state

Kitsakos, who was executive vice president from December 2015 to November 2017, when he left with four other executives, tried to explain his way of dealing with Kavala's industry debt. to the public company.

He spoke of "very intense government interventionism " in the case of ELFE "without necessarily fraudulent," he added. As he argued for the industry, he had clear orders that, despite the large amount of his debts, he should remain open and under no circumstances should he stop supplying gas to the ELFE.

"If government administration is devastating DEPA, Justice is now competent to decide," said Energy Minister George Stathakis, authorizing the former DEPA CEO.

The ND reaction

To the embarrassing silence of Alexis Tsipras and the government, despite revelations about the DEPA scandal, ND is talking about serious new revelations made on Tuesday by the company's former CEO.

Kitsakos involved in the scandal of senior government officials such as Dragasagis, Flambouraris, Stathakis, Pitsiorlas and Tzakri, saying they knew about their manipulations controlled by Justice. ND asks for explanations both by ministers appointed by the former DEPA CEO and by the prime minister himself, warning the government that will highlight the case.

Analytically the announcement of ND

"Six days after the drafting of the issues raised by the New Democracy over the criminal case of a crime committed by SYRIZA, Mr. Theodoros Kitsakos, for his actions during his tenure in the DEPA administration, the government remains quietly silent.

"Important Kitsakos revelations that senior government officials like Dragasagis, Flambouraris, Stathakis, Pitsiorlas and Tzakri were aware of their manipulations and actions, which are already controlled by the Greek justice system, irreparably expose Mr. Tsipras and highlight the heavy responsibilities of the government .

"The ministers mentioned can not hide and have to take a direct stand on what Mr. Kitsakos denounces.

"For example, if ministers appointed by Mr Kitsakos were aware of ELFE's attempt to illegally replace ELFE's ownership of its debts to DEPA and why they allowed ELFE to debit in DEPA, DEPA with tens of millions of euros .

"They also have to apologize for why Mr. Kitsakos, who had worked as a member of ELFE, was appointed CEO of DEPA, to whom ELFE owed large sums.

"The Tsipras government will be absolutely certain that New Democracy will show this scandalous case and, together with all citizens, will demand the truth and accountability as high as possible."

Answer Stathiki in SW

"ND has an unprecedented wealth, since the sale of ELFE and the creation of a debt of tens of millions of euros for DEPA happened in its day," said the Energy Minister, responding to the main opposition.

"The government of today inherited a situation which it tried to manage in the best way possible." In proposing to defend the interests of DEPA and having secured the re-establishment of working relations with ELFE, the government sought, in cooperation with ELFE's creditors, a more permanent solution to the reorganization, "Stathakis said.

"The mandate of Kitsakos in the DEPA administration was judged by his decision to replace him. plans for real estate exchange never proceeded, because they did not have the approval of the political leadership. With regard to ELFE's debt, the policy was to keep current payments strictly and not to create new debt. If management administration was detrimental to DEPA, Justice is now competent to govern.

The most permanent solution concerns an ELFE redevelopment plan which, for the government, means securing jobs and a viable debt settlement solution for all creditors, including banks. Different plans have been discussed with creditors from time to time without any consensus, "said the Energy Minister.

"For the privatization of DEPA, government policy was reflected in the agreement with the institutions, which provides for the acquisition of Shell's participation in Attica by DEPA, the withdrawal of DEPA from the retail sector of Thessaloniki and the subsequent separation of DEPA from DEPA , which will be privatized and DEPA infrastructure, which includes all the country's gas networks and will remain under public control, "he concludes.


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