Thursday , June 24 2021

KEA: Formally announced payment date – Dikaiologitika News

In particular, according to a decision of the Minister of Labor Efi Achitsoglou, a transfer of € 70,943,835.97 was approved to pay beneficiaries the payment of 25 November 2018 to the beneficiaries, which totaled 318,615 beneficiaries.

As indicated in the ministerial decision, the money will be credited to the bank accounts on November 27 and will be available to the beneficiaries the next day, that is, on November 28.

The Dikaiologitika News revealed for the first time the date of payment of Social Solidarity income.

The payment, as happens each time, will be carried out from the afternoon of the previous day, specifically on November 27.

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The payment of the ICC will be made semicomprar the account and prepaid purchase card, in which the total amount paid is equal to or greater than 100 euros per month.

The recipient's prepaid banking card may be used, without limitation, for any purchase, including electronic purchases.

In the month of November, you must send a NEW APPLICATION to the beneficiaries who presented in the months of January to April 2018.

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