Jason Antigoni falls in re-election with Reina Douro – Newsbeast


O Jason Antigoni decided to get involved in local government and descend with a candidate Rea de Duro in elections in may.

Noting that the people of "Life Power" do not "preach the chairs", but "give the baton to new faces," the regional director of Attica Reina Dourou accompanied the announcement of the first 37 candidates to follow the merger to the Central Sector. Athens.

His name Jason Dousse or Jason AntigoniAs he wishes to be identified, he is on the list of regional consultants of the Central Sector of Athens with the renaissance of Rena Dourou.

Jason Antigoni knew best when was found at Parliament's ballot box, along with several members of LOTAT discussion of the bill that allows couples who have a cohabitation agreement to become adoptive parents.

He was the first person to be appealed to the Marousi County Court asking for the name Antigone next to its Baptist name in its identity, in fact, not to be classified in any genre.



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