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A delicious football afternoon of these beautiful ones that do not light the headlights and remind us of the good old days. AEK does not remember many years ago but has begun to remember a few things since last year. It was a very good year. After the defeat in Charilau with the … 2-0 honors 2 could be and 6 is obvious that Manolos made decisions.

Regardless of whether Hymeneth himself could do better, or else another meaning is that a clear decision has been made and we are gradually seeing results. The ball fell to the defender. Probably this started from the fact that Manolos did not trust the … defense, so she invested more in her safety. He set the triple back as if the opponent played and commanded the pressure everywhere and always. And in addition, with the quality of the field and with any trick to get to the goal. Progress is visible and stable.

The beginning with the PAO was disappointing as a football spectacle, but also as a production of phases and finally as a result. However, there were two elements we pointed out at that time, despite the general memory of the AEK image. The effort to the last whistle is still unorthodox and the absolute security of Barka's outbreak, with the exception of one phase.

In Peristeri there was an improvement in the creation, AEK managed to find a goal in the end, but again it was based on its defensive operation with a high pressure and a great improvement in the center of the defense. He only risked a personal error, Oikonomou, who was saved by Barka, and finally with Warda and the decisive cut of Tsosic.

With Panetoliko, of course, who was the most intelligent of the three teams, despite having lost Tsigrinski, the Simões, who are considered the cornerstones of the defense, AEK did not risk anything. And if I still lived for 1 to 0 I would be very happy because AEK would make a professional victory with goals from a defined phase that has been our marina for years. Of course 4 to 0 is much more handsome, although, although Della's team did not exist, the score is a click above what the team was entitled to.

It came naturally, however, since with the entry, even obligatorily to Mandalou was found another player who started playing vertical and with choices except Kristicitz who except the first in robbery along with Boege was the first to far in passes successful. 11. The next was 3 players with 3 players each, to understand the difference that the Serbian is making in the vital part of the attack defense attack.

The terrible action was taken by the tireless endings, Clonaridis on the right with Manolos … justifying the prediction we would see Victor and, of course, Hult. They are losing on the right hand or both, but both are impressive, and there is also Lopez and Rooster. I think this position can become the position of Clonaridis because he has what Victor is especially necessary to feel comfortable with. Great room to … climb.

With all the team playing defense of the highest quality, the central defenders were impeccable, since they did not have to manage errors or omissions of others. I was very happy for Oikonomou because he is not Vrani, but he is a good defender and a nice guy, Bakakis is the reason the team is worth playing with three backs, but my shren has driven me crazy for a reason.

Anyone he did not know would not understand it was that it was his first league game as a baseline. He wants a job but he is not even 22. Just the fact that the team put 4 goals without Ponce is enough. But it all started with defense. And so the thing goes to the end. It has not been a strategic choice since the start of the season, but has emerged from situations like coaching change. And since it works is the best.


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