Invasion of Rubikon in the prefecture of Heliópolis


Invasion of members of the Russians occurred shortly after 13:00 in the prefecture of Ilioupoli. The youths entered the office of the mayor of Vassilis Vallasopoulos in Iliúpolis and, according to the testimony, there were intense verbal confrontations.

The DIAS team that got to the point started to run.

The rubicon text posted on an anti-authoritarian site:

On Thursday, March 21, at the Ilioupoli municipality site, another "unfortunate" incident occurred in a workplace when a crane bridge, weighing several tons, collapsed while working at the municipal vehicle workshop was under construction . There was no death or injury, by any chance. Few SMBs bothered to deal with the issue, and most were small local sites. The mayor hastened to cover the security technician, the man who should take care of the proper maintenance of the equipment and the safety of the employees of the municipality, saying that the accident is due to a short circuit due to the increase of rains in the last months.

We will not comment on the mayor's obvious ignorance of technical issues, as this type of equipment is designed to work outdoors without any problem (provided it is maintained properly), but we will comment on your strange choice to continue. entrusts the maintenance work to someone recruited in the municipality to verify the integrity of the maintenance. According to the information posted at the station, the current security technician received (as a municipal contractor) about 70,000 euros for various maintenance work, which raises several issues as the conflict of interest is obvious.

On April 10, during the collection of the recycling program, a bucket left the hoist mechanism due to damage to the mechanism and broke the fingers of a worker. This happened in a vehicle that was already known to those responsible for having a problem with its mechanism, but as is evident in the incident, no one was interested in its repair.

Officials of the Ilioupolis municipality's cleaning department in a public announcement complain of faulty maintenance of the equipment, deliberate deactivation of insurance provisions and mechanisms for cranes to carry more weight than allowed, refuse to be dismantled, also report the absence of all types of care for the health and safety of workers and because of the cuts in funds the last preventive vaccination was over a year ago, Health Checks Health Checks that workers have to do at regular intervals have been discontinued since December 2017.

These incidents, like so many others, were only a matter of time to happen. The former public and private security technician complained that he had reported to his superiors the troublesome bridgehead situation for four years. One of the tasks for which the current safety technician was rewarded was the maintenance of this particular crane bridge, and just a few weeks before the collapse. This particular scrap vehicle had a known mechanical problem that was left to chance. Potential contingencies are therefore very specific in both cases: whether they are totally incompetent professionals, who accept jobs because they have a "Koroni Berber," or are typical parasites that are polluted by public money that endangers life and safety of the workers. citizens.

However, the main responsibility lies with the mayor of Ilioupolis Vallasopoulos, because we are not talking about an individual incident, but a series of irregularities and infractions, both small and large, formal and substantive.

Every death, every injury, every mutilation, every moment when someone is not killed by chance, means that the workers are consumable to the local authorities and their political supporters, and the most outrageous of all this is that none of them are not repudiated, not none of them responsible. Do not stand in the hollow protests and general grievances that are always a part of it. Labor and wounded murders in all branches of work pass through the media as more news of everyday life and most of the time are not even mentioned.

Do not expect anything from the bailiffs' courts, from the promises of party leaders, from the professional representatives of the people. Let's end with the macabre lists of immigrants and local people who are killed and crippled by a payday.


We threw your life into our hands.

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