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BOC and Crete provincial road network for the Parliament's Road Safety Committee

Information of N. Xilouris Authorized Consultant for Technical Projects of the Region of Crete

Regional Infrastructure Adviser Nikos Xilouris – Deputy Regional Director Stavros Arnaoutakis at the meeting of Parliament's Special Standing Committee on Road Safety – was mentioned in the BOQ, the improvement of the District Road Network and the actions of the Road Safety Region in Crete.

The meeting on "Findings, actions and proposals to improve road safety on Crete" concerned informing the Commissioners from the Crete region, the representative of Nikos Xilouris, the regional technical consultant from the Crete region, were launched and are in progress.

Mr Xilouris, informing members of the parliamentary committee with the participation of Cretan MEPs Antonia Balomenakis, Valia Vagionakis and Manolis Sotychakis, pointed out that the first priority for the Region is the appropriate procedure to be initiated by the competent Ministry to continue with the implementation of your job. VOAK, a modern road from Kissamos to Sitia, funded by the European Investment Bank. Mr. Xilouris reported on the District Road Network as being important that the work of the Crete Region for the improvement of 451 dangerous points of the provincial road network across the island of Crete is directly auctioned.

In addition, as mentioned, it is expected that the auction of the Creak Organization for Development of Crete for road safety of BOAK, with a budget of EUR 25 million, will be auctioned, including Georgioupoli – Petres, the University node Crete technique and the Agia Pelagia knot of Heraklion.

Mr Xilouris finally informed the Commission, providing documentation on other infrastructure and development projects already implemented by the Crete Region.


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