Monday , October 18 2021

Implants help the paralyzers to walk – However … (VIDEO)


Neuronal signals from the brain are transferred to the rest of the body through the spine and any injury to the body prevents its transport and results in the inability to use the limbs and in paralysis. A revolutionary implant in the spine allowed a paralyzed man to walk again. Two more men who received the same implant again gained control of their leg muscles after the introduction of electrical stimuli.

The research was published in Nature and shows how the implants compensate for the damage done to the spine. The implants basically limit the breach that occurred in the spine of the lesion and help transfer the brain controls to the rest of the spine, which did not suffer any damage when jumping the injured part.

These implants themselves are not bad. It is enough to be used only for the good of the people. But who has the reins of the planet now?

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