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"I'm hungry, I'm going to eat spaghetti" – Basketball – NBA

Baks are persuaded to respond to the Celtics after the break in the first semi-final of the East. Yannis Adétocunpo faces the situation with humor.

«I am very hungry! I'm going to eat noodles before the game."He said, smiling, adding,"I can not promise you how we're going to win, but I promise we'll play hard. We have to compete, play better. Let's see what we will do better after training".

How much will he face Celtic defense if? «I have to be more aggressive. I have to rely on my teammates, especially when it comes to shooting. I did not think I had much patience, I was trying to cross the wall. I'm not one of those trying to find excuses. It was good that we saw the video later, we did well for him. We will do what we have done throughout the year. We should not be the team to make adjustments. If something goes wrong again, let's think about it. I trust my teammates, coaches and our skills. I know my team will be ready and I look forward to Game 2".

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