Monday , April 19 2021

Huawei prepares smartphone with quad camera and 10x optical zoom

Having outgrown Apple in device deliveries for two consecutive quarters, Huawei did not hide its ambition to dethrone Samsung from the top spot. Someday …

Proof of this is the revelation of what kind of flags planned for 2019 by the Chinese company. Speaking at the German Android website Pit, Western Consumer Business Group president in Western Europe, Walter Ji, talked about the company's continued innovations at the corporate camera level and beyond.

Given that the company has already released triple camera banners in 2018 and since Samsung has already launched device with a quad camera This is a one-way choice for Huawei.

Let's remember that Huawei was the first to put a triple camera P20 Pro combined with a 5x hybrid zoom, while more recently introduced Mate 20 series with Leica triple camera and wide-angle capture capability.

In the first case, cooperation with Leica will be maintained. On a second level, Huawei will concentrate its efforts in principle on maintaining the features of the current models and adding the 10x optical zoom feature without loss of quality.

On a software level, the Huawei executive said the company will not move to produce Android One devices. Instead, it will stick with modified Android with its own EMUI interface. According to Walter Ji, Huawei will also intensify its efforts for 5G networks, while the first 5G devices will emerge in the first half of 2019.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei is "committed" to its own presentation foldable smartphone in 2019, thus entering into an informal race with her Samsung which also took similar "commitments" without, of course, being the only one.

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