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Little Deng Qi just measured two days of study in school Shaoshan, the most famous Shaolin school in China.

Shaoshan is famous for its fitness and exercise programs which offers underage students studying there as well as for them martial arts seminars by qualified teachers.

The seven-year-old parents made that choice because they wanted to help her lose weight.

According to the father, the seven-year-old girl had no health problems before she began to study, so she was surprised to see her sudden death.

After a series of pressures at the school address, the unfortunate girl's parents got a video from the moment Deng Qi collapsed in the schoolyard. The seven-year video appears a little earlier to be surrounded by many of his colleagues who repeatedly hit his head, body and legs with punches and kicks.

Her fact abuse from Deng Qi doctors also confirmed of the hospital that examined the child when she was transferred from the school. Doctors on the examination found that the seven-year-old girl had signs and bruises all over her body, but did not specify whether any of the blows had caused her death.

His case is particularly concerned about the Chinese media, talking about another intimidating incident that has taken a dramatic turn.

O parents of the unhappy student they say determinedto reach the end in terms of locating the culprits, while directing their arrows to the famous school, talking about the bad control of children.

O school director for the incident said the seven-year-old fainted during the game in the school yard and that there is no evidence that the student was beaten to death.

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The courtyard of the famous shaolin school. dailymail.co.uk

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