Harris Rome: "I was never informed of my sexual identity – When I do …"


In Sasha Stamati, Haris Romas interviewed, inter alia, the most difficult moment of his life.

You stated that in the past you had to talk about your sexual identity. Because?

I never, and for no reason, was forced to talk about anything. "Coercion" is inconsistent with my character. I was never mentioned in my sexual identity, either. When I do, I do when I think and where I think. You obviously referred to a comment in the form of yellow that forced me to file a lawsuit, which I won.

What was the most difficult time for you to date?

When a beloved colleague died at age 33 and when my father died. With definite loss, it is difficult to get accustomed, as long as some moments still live in me.

Have you thought about adopting a child?

Yes, but I will not. I have a very developed sense of responsibility and would like to support him constantly and observe him closely at all stages of his upbringing and education, which is impossible with my obligations.

Are you in love this time?

Several years ago.


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