Habu's message to the Instagram about Pantelis


His fight with Pantelis became viral.

After his departure from the MasterChef, he did his self-criticism and sent his message to the former teammate.

Charalambos Kotsonis, with his post on Instagram, talks about the "episode" he had with Pantelis Vouros and wishes him "good success" promising him that together they will write a cooking story.

"We had it like we said it badly on TV, we talked about it, and then we put it on, and I told you publicly and publicly that our mistakes were together, just because of my character, I lost my temper and got out of it However, I know now who you are and the amounts you deserve both culinary and personal.

In Kalymnos in the summer we will write culinary history and the cocoon will have the place it deserves !! "Good Hits in My Tenfriend @pantelhsvouros," he wrote.

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