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Guilty but free father accused of insulting his 4-year-old son in Crete

The Mixed Circuit Court Heraklion found guilty the father who was accused of abusing his son at the age of four.

According to, the court upheld the prosecutor's decision and the young man was found guilty on the charge.

The court sentenced him to a total sentence of 8 years in prison after he was acquitted of life in prison (due to a white criminal record) and his appeal has suspensive effect as long as he never approaches the court. child in.

"I am delighted that the court found that sedition offenses under the age of 12 and the practice of sexual offenses between relatives who were punished with a degree of impropriety after the new CP was carried out. The seduction offense brutally generates and distorts the healthy intake of the child as to their mental development in the context of their sex life, ”said Alexandra Spanakis, a lawyer in the civil suit following the verdict.

"The boy experienced what was going on"

"There is some certainty that the child has been abused by his own father," the prosecutor said at the beginning of the lawsuit.

He even said that the defendant's allegations of fraud were not substantiated and particularly focused on the fact that he was unable to justify the child's sexual behavior, which was abnormal and unrelated to his age. “All he claims is that the child said he is derogatory.” He pointed out that the boy had experienced what he had been through and emphasized that the fact that the defendant was not diagnosed with active psychopathology does not mean that he cannot have a child. Divergent behavior.


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