Tuesday , October 26 2021

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"A fairy tale of government officials" marked the end of the memo, KKE's KKE general secretary, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, speaking tonight at a feast event of the organizations of Chania and Rethymno.

Mr. Koutsoumpas argued, among other things: "They are trying to cultivate expectations that the next day will be different for workers, people from the grassroots." Only the next day's government program includes what the former has. hundreds of enforcement laws, the anti-labor structure that ND and PASOK built, of course, but SYRIZA did. And along with all that, it includes all the commitments the government has made, compromises – ties in the throat of the people. "

In his speech, he also argued, according to the Athens News Agency, that the targets for primary surpluses are until 2060 and he said: "These commitments will be implemented – and there is no second opinion of the government, or its partners. The ND, of course, will do this, emphasizing that "the state continued to" reassure both the staff of the EU and the IMF as the capital in our country. "

From Chania, Koutsoumpas argued that the government supports capitalist profitability and, as he stressed, "support for capitalist profitability is incompatible, not with satisfactory wage increases, neither with the restoration of collective bargaining, nor with the return." rights workers, who stumbled in the years of the crisis. The opposite: capitalists have to invest their capital, it is to keep everything as it is, wages and insurance rights and heads are broken. "

At the same time, he accused the government of his policy, saying that "the SYRIZA-RING government does not spoil the capital."

In his speech, Koutsoubas He also argued that "for the minimum wage, the government enacted the Bruges Act, which is now called the Bruckis-Achitsoglu Act, which abolishes negotiation and determines any increase by ministerial decision."

At the same time, he spoke of allegedly restoring collective bargaining agreements and, as he noted, "the next day is for the people, it is the same as the previous one. auctions take the form of a snowball and the removal of the last veil of protection, which was the Katseli law, and that will not change, whoever is found in the seat of bourgeois government, SYRIZA or ND. "

From Chania, the yen. secretary of the KKE, once again called on NATO to leave the country and the closure of foreign bases, referring specifically to Souda's base, described it as the basis of death.

As he said, "the operation of the Souda base reveals for years the lies of the governments of the Southwest and PASOK, which are now served by the SYRIZA-RING government: how supposedly the foreign bases are a guarantee for the safety of our people, peace in the region. "

At the same time, he referred to Souda's activity from 2016, arguing that "in particular, on the SYRIZA-RING government, the American presence in Souda has surpassed the past."

He also remained in the activity of the Center for Marine Prevention, and at the end of his speech he invited citizens to participate KKE.

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