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Google has unveiled a new digital video streaming platform called Stadia, where you can play live online games with better resolution than game consoles, where someone has to download the game or load it from a disc. .

Users will be able to use Stadia on any device, such as a desktop or laptop, tablet, TV (with Chromecast connection), and a smart phone using the Chrome web browser or YouTube.

Google has released a new Stadia specific wireless control, which also has a button for the player to communicate directly with YouTube. It has also been known that iD Software's Doom Eternal video game will be one of the first to be made available by Stadia.

The new platform, which will take advantage of Google's cloud computing power and global datacenter network, will begin operating in 2019 in the US, most of Europe and Canada, as reported at an event in San Francisco , according to the BBC and Reuters.

So far, streaming video games have suffered from the difficulty of playing a game online over the Internet. Players complain that they are faced with a time lag between performing an act and the game reaction to this movement, which is devastating when reactions in fractions of a second make the difference between victory and defeat.

In an effort to overcome this problem, Google has announced that the Stadia controller will be connected directly to the company's hosts, regardless of the rest of the user's hardware. Google has promised that the new service will offer games with high resolution 4K and, in the future, 8K.

Google wants to create synergies between Stadia and YouTube affiliate, where hundreds of millions of people watch video games every day. So someone who sees the video of a game on YouTube can press the special button on the Stadia control and start playing in a few seconds.

At this time, Google has not revealed details of its pricing policy (and whether there will be a subscription) or the "menu" of available games, which will be a mix of existing and new games.

The video community praised Google's announcement, but some expressed caution until the company knows how much it will cost Stadia and its controller, which games to play, how easy and costly the development of new games for Google. Stadia and others.

Analysts, however, estimate that if the game in the cloud is gaining ground thanks to Google's new initiative, traditional video game consoles, such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, will be threatened by competition.

Video games are the best-selling category on the Google Online Store with Android apps. In 2018, sales of $ 21.5 billion in toys, according to research firm Sensor Tower, were sold against $ 33 billion in toys sold through their respective Apple online stores.

At the same time, the game is the main trio of popularity on YouTube, but it rivals Amazon's Twitch a lot over what is the most popular means of streaming video games.


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