George Katrougalos heard in Columbia about the Prespa Agreement – video


Mr. Koutougallos received questions from the Greeks in intense style, and at last he came out protesting from the room. Especially everything started when later The Secretary of the Pan-Macedonian Union of America, Christos Komsios, took the floor, requesting the granting of the name, as well as on other specific issues, such as the geographical concept of Macedonia.

Mr Koutougallos initially asked the coordinators to ask questions of this content, insisting on his reply that the Agreement is fair and advantageous both for Greece and the neighboring country and for ensuring peace in the region. area.

Then there was annoyance, as the word was not immediately given to other expatriates, with 8 to 10 people out of the question, while some of them shouted the word "betrayal" as seen in the National Herald video.

"Why did not you come to Astoria to make this speech and talk to the Greeks?" He said in a strong tone to another Greco-American, before leaving in a similar way. The situation almost escaped when New York President Constantine Tsiouris asked to ask a question, but initially the coordinator told him there was no time.

With security officials making recommendations and eventually threatening him with expulsion, Tsiouris said that "a million people who protested in Greece are not nationalists" and expressed doubts that panel members read the article. Prespa agreement.

Commenting later on the incident, Koutroigalos, who pointed out that he had no problem listening to the questions of those who disagreed, said that the best way is "to convince those who have the contrary opinion, with arguments."

Present in the room were the Permanent Representative of Greece to the United Nations, Maria Theofilis, the Consul General of Greece in New York, Konstantinos Koutras, Vice-Master MA, Dionysis Kavarezos and Consul Lana Zochiou.

Source: National Herald


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