Forbes: "John has transformed Baks from a small market into an international brand" – Basketball – NBA


The arrival of John Adodokunpo in Baks not only transformed the small-team NBA team into the best all-time team in the league and potential title contender but also for a very lucrative brand.

Forbes magazine's report analyzes how a player brought that rebirth to the small market in Milwaukee, bringing the number of tickets, viewing and commercial exploitation of the franchise.

«We have a new stadium, the ability to reach 60 wins, to conquer the first place in the east and across the NBA. It's a great time for Milwaukee, Wisconsin and, of course, Baks"Said team president Peter Feigin.

«When you have a star on your team, you can see local and national development, but what happened to John is that he attracted interest in the world. We can now be seen as a global brand, not only for local sponsors, but also for"He added as well as the fact that Baks were selected by the NBA for the first round of the regular season in Paris next season." «This shows that the Baks is now an important part of the NBA's international appeal"He explained.



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