Fire Antonopoulos against everyone for his involvement in the "prison mafia"


A group of "fire" launches a lawyer arrested for the so-called "prison mafia," George Antonopoulos. By denying his own involvement in the case, the accused attorney tries to enter the counterattack, turning his arrows at everyone. Above all, however, at the expense of the culprit in the Energa-Hellas Power scandal, Aristeidos Floros, who believes he is behind this "dirty past" to "enrich" some of him.

Through his lawyer, Alexis Kugia, who gave a press conference, the lawyer imprisoned his case as one of the biggest "legal fallacies." All information available to him is contained in a memorandum filed with Special Investigator in charge of the case, Eftichi Nikopoulos, with a notification to the leadership of the Ministry of Justice, the President and Procurator of Areios Pagos, the Chief of the Athens Court of Appeal. and the president of the DSA.

According to Alexis Kougia, G. Antonopoulos's involvement illustrates the "tragic story of an honest lawyer who resisted the pressures even from political figures he accepted in the case of Energa-Hellas Power." His attitude to this case, as Mr Koutheas said, is that the fact that he had gotten € 100 million from the defendants on behalf of the state was the reason why his life was in danger after the assassination attempt he received . in November 2014, but also the cause of his current criminal involvement, in a case he claims has nothing to do with it.

In his memoirs, G. Antonopoulos asks to be called as witness to testify, among other things:

– Deputy police officer Fotis Douitsis serving in the Security of Attica "because he will confirm that my communications with Clintan Lechtsay were in his knowledge and under his direction and were intended to collect information on the attempted murder against me."

-The lawyer Themis Sofos "to explain the conditions under which I visited Aristeidos Floros at the Korydallos prison hospital in July 2017"

– Lawyer Alexandros Lykourezos, "to make it clear that he never asked for money on my behalf from Michalis Zafiropoulos (lawyer of the Floros family), so as not to be a civil plaintiff against Aristeidos Floros for attempting to murder me."

– Lawyer Elias Anagnostopoulos, "to make it clear that I have never solicited, either directly or indirectly, financial rewards from Father Or M. Zafeiropoulos, so as not to be a civilian author."

– Former Vice President Christos Markogiannakis in order to "witness the contacts and meetings that he had with me in my law office and in the offices of LAGIE SA, in order to convince me to accept the arbitration agreement of his claims LAGIE SA Contra ENERGIA SA »

– The lawyer and former secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Samaras, Takis Baltakos "in order to witness to the meeting in the cafeteria with Dr. Floros in early September 2014, explaining why and why this meeting, emotional situation and expressions Florou in his departure when I stated that he did not accept the arbitration resolution of the dispute between LAGIE SA and ENERGY SA "

He also asks that the torturers be summoned by the police after the assassination attempt, which, according to the lawyer, "will confirm that they were present during my visits to Klodjani Lechotsai in prison," in which, as he remembers, he had contacts because he was afraid of his life, but also because he wanted to know who had given the order of his murder.


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