Episodic Press Conference! Police intervention and explanations!


A theatrical event in the context of Inkar Bergman's "Scenes of a Wedding" press conference disturbed the area's residents with police intervention.

Actor and director Antonis Loudaros placed the couples around the location where the press conference, an apartment in the center of Thessaloniki, was held at different stages of their lives. A young couple in moments of love, a couple in the middle of the street and a mature couple carefree care of each other. But the quarrel of the second couple, however, disturbed residents and passers-by to call the police. Immediately, Antonis Loudaros and Pavlina Harela talked to the police explaining what had happened, they showed them the information material of the program and the policemen left. "Pleasure is that, at least in Thessaloniki, the world is sensitized to cases of domestic violence, even verbal, and it is not left undetectable," said Antonis Loudaros.

On the show, Antonis Loudaros said:
I was a bit disappointed, I thought, because of the crisis we froze on ourselves, we became icebergs. Through this effort with Paulina, I have seen that this is not the case. Many people helped us through the sponsorship, and without them it would not be possible to do this show as we would like. We are talking about a historical theater of the city, but the requirements at the level of production were such that without their help we would not have succeeded. And it's not just the sponsors, it's also an army of people who have helped with self-sacrifice, volunteers, as you have seen in the press conference events here. "

For the "scenes of a wedding"
"It is a work of humanity, it makes a cut, a deep analysis of the relationship between man and woman.The work is poetic and, at the same time, deeply realistic and crude.It shows the progress of a couple in 20 years.At first we see a couple of carpents and slowly see the cracks.There is a deeply hidden violence that is slowly being released.It is one of the most difficult things that already tried. "

For cooperation
It is an option to do this at Sofouli Theater. I've known Paulina for many years and we've been trying to work together. It has become magical. If it was not in compromise, there might be a real romance. Because we think the same, one completes the other and is terrifying. There is terrible harmony. "

Pavlina Harela said: "It's also the hardest thing for me to do, it's difficult, demanding text. I get a lot of information from Anthony with whom we deal with our eyes."


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