EOF repeals nutritional supplement – News


The withdrawal of lot 0-0477 from the NETRA nutritional supplement 620 mgr with expiration date 07/2021 goes to EOF.

After the laboratory tests, the formulation was considered abnormal for visual inspection.

According to the organization's announcement:

"Withdrawal of Lot O-0477 from the NETRA Nutritional Supplement 610gr with expiration date 07/2021 with notification number 63313-06 / 09/2012, due to the fact that the results of the AEO Laboratory Tests / Analyzes are considered abnormal for the visual inspection.

The company responsible for handling the product should contact its customers directly to remove it from the market.

The revocation documents must be kept for at least five (5) years and brought to the attention of the OAS, if requested. "

Source: Protothema.gr


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