Encountered father with girl from viral photo at Notre Dame de Paris LIFE


Twitter once again made its … miracle. The search for the father with the little girl playing carelessly in front of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris, an hour before the fire, is over. The couple in the viral photo was found, thanks to the response of the world.

Three days after the fire in the historic church of Our Lady of Paris that shook the world and a posting of a woman on Twitter, Brook Winston, the pair portrayed in the viral photo was found, as the same user announced.

Although Windsor did not reveal his identity – the man and his daughter wanted to remain anonymous – he said he was grateful for this photo and planned to keep it as a little treasure for many years.

He chose to remain anonymous after the tragedy and wrote, "Thank you again for this beautiful photo, we will find a separate place for it." Thank you to everyone who shared your photo and your pictures. kind words, "Winston says on Twitter.
In another tweet, Brooke Winston added, "He found me via Twitter. I knew you could do that."

Brook Winston asked Twitter to help identify the identity of the father and daughter in a photo taken on Monday an hour before the fire at the Virgin Mary in Paris. The shot shows the man smiling while circulating the girl holding him out of hands outside the historic building.

"I took this picture when we left Notre Dame, about an hour before the fire started, I almost approached my father and asked him if he wanted the photo.Now I wish I had done it.Twitter, if you have some magic, help -o to find this picture, "wrote Brook Windsor in his tweet.

In three days, his post received more than 470,000 tanned and has been republished more than 225,000 times.

The fire at Our Lady of Paris broke out on Monday night and destroyed the roof of the 850-year-old building and part of it.

The Catholic Church is a world famous landmark for the French capital after the Eiffel Tower and has been a center of religious and cultural life for centuries.


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