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Eleftheropoulos – Venetidis against Barlou: “He had divisive tendencies, he saw everything through the cameras”! | Superleague 2 and Panacheiki

Joint statement by Eleftheropoulos – Venetidis with very serious complaints about Barlos:

Following the recent abusive and irregular termination of our PAE PANACHIKI 1981 contract, we have followed a series of statements by the PAE President on the events of these months. The inaccuracy of his statements caused us embarrassment and anger and although we are not used to it and we have not done it again in the past, we now consider it our moral duty to protect ourselves from falsifying the truth and arbitrary exploitation of facts and inform the people of Patras about the situation that we face. On the competitive side, a new team was created from scratch.

Only one football contract was kept in the trunk of last year. At the same time, we paid special attention not to exceed the limited budget of 650,000 euros for the competition section (exactly half the amount, compared to the second place last year in the ranking of the same category). In order to attract notable players capable of a championship, we had to show a lot of patience, as their initial financial needs were prohibitive due to the data we had on the team’s staff. Also because there was no sample of previous handwriting in the field of football by the team president, it took our footballing reputation and the prestige of technical director Nikos Lombardeas to double the athletes’ reserves and convince us of the validity of the project.

In the initial phase of our preparation, we were asked to evaluate 14 football players, from amateur clubs and young athletes who belonged to the team. We did it and in fact for the fair evaluation we had to carry out special training that lasted 2 weeks, at the same time that we organized 4 friendly matches in 12 days. Finally, we removed 4 football players and, in the second phase of preparation, where our potential representing the soul began to take shape, we highlight the physical condition of our players.

We record data and statistics that are proven through the available GPS programs and show impressive results that are above the category average in the weekly training cycle, in the order of 30%. The goal was to refresh the team 2 weeks before the start and have the best possible performance at the right time, which we consider to be the championship games. At the same time, we tied the team and trained 2 different systems so that there is the possibility of flexibility depending on the opponent.

Although the results in the friendly matches during the preparation phase are very small, because even the team is in preparation, however we emphasize that we take these friendlies very seriously and the results in the 2nd phase of preparation were: 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses with 1 goal difference and missed penalty on both. It is quite uncomfortable for us to refer to the results of friendly matches, but we are obliged to document that even in this area, which was an end in itself, there was a relatively satisfactory report, given that it was a newly formed team.

However, in all the friendlies that we did not win, there was an outburst on the part of the president of the team, with the requirement of removal of a player who, according to his personal judgment, did not perform well. We witnessed many insults to native football players and extreme characterizations to our foreign athletes. It was a very difficult moment for us – and for what we stand for – to support and manage them – in order to calm him down and on the other hand keep our athlete, but also the team focused and focused on its objective. .

Of course, our constant surveillance by the cameras connected in the training office, athletes’ locker rooms, gym, physiotherapy and conference room and the daily sending of photos to the cell phone by these cameras was of similar difficulty. His recent report on the separation of football players from our side has mainly to do with the non-continuous use in the matches of his footballer / brother-in-law, in the team.

This was the reason for the insufficient number of athletes in the back positions until the last days of the transfers. Finally, let us dwell on his account of the incident in the sanctification of the team. In our judgment, he showed very bad behavior, because we did not shake hands with the Priest who performed sanctification. We believe that true faith is a deeply internal and personal matter. The way he expresses himself is proven by his daily attitude towards life and by respect for man. Needless to say, when there are relatives in our immediate family who belong to vulnerable groups, we have an obligation to protect them in the midst of a pandemic.

Obviously, this is our “difference in philosophy” to which you referred, as an alleged reason for terminating our contract, even announcing the hiring of a new coach in the team, without having complied with the law for the termination of our contract. Unfortunately, it seems, our decision to work with that person was not the most prudent and we will be charged professionally very expensive. However, it was the size of Panachaiki that made us accept the proposal, and we do not regret our choice.

It is a fact that we feel fortunate to have served a team, with so many dedicated and disinterested fans, an excellent team of players with a great disposition for work and a technical director, a jewel of Greek football with whom cooperation has been exemplary. The team was and is the big favorite for the ascent. We believed in it from the beginning, we worked hard for it and we were not afraid to say it publicly whenever asked. We have spent our entire life in the field and we know that the only thing that can hinder the return of the team to the first division are the trends of inexperience, instability and dissolution of its president. We sincerely hope that they will overcome and that the team will reach the top.

Eleftheropoulos Dimitrios

Venetidis Stelios.

It is recalled that Barlos speaking to the newspaper “Kosmos” had said: “I wanted to give three motivated people a chance this summer. I think they wanted it, it was a question of their ability to reach the goal, something we haven’t seen all this time that they were on the team. I did not regret the choice of Dimitris Eleftheropoulos and the others. My criterion is my great faith in God and I will not analyze what happened in the sanctification of the group. There was no seriousness or imposition on the team’s players.

Nikos Loubardeas had no organization as a technical director in terms of the structure that should exist in the team. Indifference and ignorance of responsibility. I believe in the perception of each person and this is reflected everywhere. So we’re talking about minds that are going to manage the project and not people. I’m an entrepreneur and I understand everything. Thus, ambiguity and cheap excuses prevailed. I am optimistic about the rotation that has occurred and I can perceive it instinctively. I calmed down with the uncertainty they radiated for me and everyone. They separated players and faces and the changing rooms were lost. The mood was good for the team. The existing players we had out of ignorance were not evaluated, but there were always crises of the three: Eleftheropoulos, Venetidis, Lombardea. Another thing that you think it is and another that it should be. And we have the soul to go to the end, they don’t. And for that I decided for all five the end of Panachaiki. Nikos Papadopoulos convinced me that he is the best for the Panachaiki bank. Heavy, serious and with spirit “.

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