Easter 2019: Pay Bar Weekly – Who will see money


Pensions, Income Subsidy, Social Solidarity Income but also the Easter gift will be paid until Wednesday, due Easter.

The beneficiaries will be paid as follows:

  • April 23, will be paid Real Estate Agencies from the old OAEE and the former THE GA
  • April 24 will be paid or rent allowance to anyone who signed up for the dedicated online platform by March 31 and was approved. O subsidy will be issued retroactively from January 1, 2019 to all those who have an electronic lease agreement in their name since that date. All will receive the monthly allowances to which they are entitled until the family composition until March.
  • April 24 will be paid or Social Income of Solidarity months March
  • April 24 will be paid Real Estate Agencies and May bonus to uninsured adult recipients.
  • April 24 will pay well-being subsidies for housing assistance and expatriates granted by local authorities until 2018 for the months of March to April.
  • April 24 will be paid on an in-flight payment child allowance, to resolve some first payment failures in 2019 for a limited number of beneficiaries. The same postpay payment will also be refunded retroactively from 2018.
  • April 25 will be paid supplementary pensions in ETEAP
  • By April 24, private sector employees must receive it Easter gift.

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