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Do we tolerate Polakis until October?

The passionate rest, the joy of the spring countryside and the beauty of the Greek landscape lead many to the idea that the political climate has become unhealthy. Climate this week is summarized in a simple way: Polakis.

As the Prime Minister told us, the members of SYRIZA who criticized Mr Polakis should swallow their words on Monday and make the obvious: to vote for a vote of confidence in the government and a vote dedicated exclusively to self-government.

In other words, once again prove that Mr Polakis & # 39; s got us. Deposition If mr. Tsipras does not make a murder, dismissing his deputy minister and his alter ego, everything seems unhealthy. Not only for those who watch, but also for the protagonists themselves. Mr. Tsipras included.

The situation created adds to a series of mistakes that not only maintain the difference with ND in high opinion polls but seem to reinforce KINAL and the motivation of citizens to take part in the European elections.

Let's start with the latest development. Tsipras 'decision to turn Polakis' censure motion to a vote of confidence in favor of the government was predictable, but it did not save him from the trap. He was identified with Mr. Polakis and asked others to do the same. But they did not follow him, most notably the careful differentiation of Euclides Tsakalotou.

The following was done:

1. The parody of enlargement. Despite the "Progressive Alliance" package, the faces we saw in the remodeling and the sympathizers who fought at the reflection events were people who had been in recent years with SYRIZA and Mr. Tsipras with very derogatory qualities. In such a way that they created the impression that they did not care about the future of the so-called progressive space, they simply had nothing better to do, they saw the light and they entered. Exception Tzuakas. With his famous umbrella. There may be none of this for SYRIZA, but the attempt to weaken the Movement of Change has offered Gennimata a useful foe and his party seems to be strengthened.

2. From Kimulis to the white towel. The entire history of the constitutional revision began almost heroically in 2016 with a national dialogue committee (with Kimoulis, Mihalos and Reina Dourou) and announcements for the "organization of 13 assemblies in each region of the country" (we are still waiting for them, thinking is important). So he broke leaks for a referendum – which would finally give people a chance to express themselves – but two and a half years later he ended up in a fiasco. A fiasco that not only offers a clean mandate of four years to the next government, but can not be launched by Mr. Tsipras during the presidential elections, but also offers the opportunity for the next election winner to shape the content of the articles of the Constitution under review even by simple majority.

3. War in the interlacing with Kokkalis. At the same time that SYRIZA is trying to keep alive the 2015 narrative, contrary to establishment and intertwining, the decision to withdraw its candidate MEP Petro Kokkalis even confused those who seemed inclined to buy this rhetoric. Things have gotten worse than the constant revelations about Manolis Petcites and the terrible reactions of the government.

Finally, even if Mr Polakis is left, even if he is deposed in Parliament, the problem for Mr Tsipras remains. The climate that was created impairs its conception for the completion of the four year period and its maximum stay until October. Quite simply because it is visible the danger that the citizens themselves – by their vote on May 26 – can end this story an hour earlier. Ask for national elections in June to end the morbidity of this protracted pre-election period.

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