"Dais" cafe owner of a taxi in Alexandroupolis | GREECE


Neither does it even cut Order Orders, and the owner of the cafe in Alexandroupolis, who carried an AADE controller who was trying to confirm the violations, had a long hand.

Everything started
when collecting taxes, during
prudential verification for
of evidence, entered his cafeteria
Alexandroupolis. What made them
The impression was that her owner
company did not give the waiters
Not even order forms, but simple …
documents, while the evidence did not exist
for a sample at the tables, nor is it clear
in the ATM, which he probably had …
Decorative paper.

When the auditors tried to verify the violations and told the merchant that he would enter the predicted 48-hour "lock", he ran and fired a frivolous employee with a punch.

The police arrested the … victim

Follow-up was given to the area's Police Department, where a taxpayer expected an unpleasant surprise.

Returning from the hospital where he sought first aid, the tax administrator heard the owner of the coffee threatening him with a lawsuit, and although there are no recent provisions for an autonomous procedure for those who perform their work in service, the auditor heard his surprise the police say they are detained! It took the intervention of the local prosecutor, who put things in their place – the cops did not know what was planned – making it clear that the tax collector was wrongly detained.

All right and a padlock for the businessman "daisy"

As for …
businessman anxious, arrested
with the self-help process, in addition to
of the projected fine of 2,500
euro, is also faced with
"Padlock" 1 month, how do they apply
cases of obstruction of control with
use threats or violence against


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