Crete: bad weather "brought" new problems – cars were drifting from the waters


The problems have caused Crete, again this year, the new wave of bad weather felt in most of the country.

Due to heavy rains, landslides occurred, resulting in roads being closed, while raging waters dragged parked vehicles. More specifically, in eastern Crete, the road from Martha to Viannos is almost inaccessible, according to ecriti's website due to landslides. In Viannos, the raging waters of the river that passes through the village dragged two cars parked on Saturday morning.

To the south of the city of Heraklion, Anapodaris overflowed and after Bhimata the situation is marginal and more attention of the drivers is necessary. The stains were made on the road from Kavousi to Sitia after Platanos, as well as on the road from Heraklion – Messara. In Ziros, stones fell on the road to Atherinolakkos, which are not even visible due to the dense fog.


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