Conflict of two aircraft in Canada – SKAI (



These are small aircraft.


A crash of two planes and an accident occurred a bit over Ottawa, Canada, police said.

According to local media, two planes collided in mid-level levels, one crashing into one field while the other managed to land safely at Ottawa International Airport.

The first information is small aircraft, with the smallest being what hit.

Witnesses found in the crash area report that only one person is in the cabin – the pilot, who was seriously injured.

At the same time, the airport information refers to two aircraft passengers who attempted the emergency landing.

He is a son and a father.

Rescuers rush to the point where the fear of being seriously injured is expressed.

However, to what extent the dead or injured people have not been confirmed so far, local police who rushed to the point made some contained statements.

More at a time.

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Collision of two aircraft in Canada
These are small aircraft.
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