Sunday , June 20 2021

Clothing at CNN Greece: universal use of masks in “green” areas

The need to implement the new health measures horizontally -use mask in all outdoor areas and traffic prohibition from 12:30 to 5:00 am – across the country, and not just in the “orange” and “red” areas, coronavirus, recommends your teacher Medication School University Athens, Harvard University School of Public Health and President of the Institute of Preventive, Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Prolepsis, Athena Linou.

Commenting on the new measures announced last week to prevent a new widespread confinement, Ms. Linou, raised her concerns, recalling that we all need special attention and dedication, in terms of their implementation, as we move forward. Winter, things will be stressful.

“THE Introduction the measure of mask use in all of them external spaces is very useful and I appreciate that you will to discover coming soon, how effective it is, but it is applied only in areas with an increase in cases, that is, in orange and red, while I would like to see it all over the country. It is a fact that we all move, so we have to be very careful, because we can all carry the virus, a “orange“Area, in a”green“For example” emphasizes Ms. Linou.

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