Sunday , April 18 2021

Bulgaria's Road Hub – Newsbeast

Thousands of Bulgarians have blocked major roads and border posts between Bulgaria and Turkey and Bulgaria and Greece to protest rising fuel prices amid general dissatisfaction with low living standards in the poorest country in the Union European.

Demonstrators decided for hours to drive large motorways across the country before being disbanded by police.

Demonstrators also blocked the Maritsa motorway leading to the border crossings of Kapitan Andreev and Lesovo on the border with Turkey as well as access to the Koulata border with Greece.

About 2,000 police officers were deployed to keep order.

For a second day, the rallies occurred in major cities across the country, and new meetings are scheduled for tomorrow.

In Sofia, dozens of protesters blocked traffic on main avenues by shouting "Mafia" and "Resignation."

Weekend demonstrations against rising fuel prices and planned tax increases in old cars began three weeks ago, but took on larger dimensions, with protesters now denouncing the low standard of living in Bulgaria, where the purchasing power of half of the European Union average.


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