"Bombarded" Barcelona and Efes got the ticket! – Basketball – Euroleague


She put an end to … scratching Anadolou Efis!

The Ataman team was on a big day of 6.75m. (17/39) and so managed to beat Barcelona by 80-71, make the 3-2 consecutive and get the Final Four of the Euroleague after 2001!

The top of the Turks were Mörmann and Larkin with 18 points each, with the French scoring three points in the final seconds, which essentially "sealed" the pink sheet while Mizic doubled with 10 points and an equal number of assists.

Of the Catalans, who remain out of the Final Four for the fifth consecutive year, Singleton and Ertel stand out with 12 points each.

A terrible pace was early in the game, with Barcelona starting better (3-8) and maintaining the lead (14-16), despite the impressive 6.75m level. of Efes. Tomic and Hanga continued to maintain the Catalans, with Singleton's three points reaching +7 (21-28), with Plais forming 23-28 of the first season.

The same was the image of the game until the middle and the second tenth, with the rhythm remaining high and the guests ahead (34-39). However, from then on, the Turks put pressure on the defense and took … fire from the periphery, rolled over and went to the locker rooms of the previous 47-42.

Unlike the first half, the start of the second was very tight, as only two points (49-42) were scored in the first four minutes. Then time went up, with Efes in the lead (51-48), and thanks to an outbreak of Larkin he returned to +7 (57-50) at 27 & # 39; The blaugran reaction came with the Hanga, with the difference falling to -4 (61-57) at the end of the third quarter.

Ephes was very busy in the fourth season, with a 7-0 away in favor of the difference to +11 (68-57) at 33 & # 39; There, the Ataman players relaxed, with Erllow falling to -7 (70-63), with Larkin breathing "new" +10 (73-63) at 36-39. But then it was the turn of the guests to start the … shot from the periphery and then approached the -4 (75-71) at 39 & # 39; At 30 & quot; before the end of the match, Mörkmann got the decisive advantage of three points, in the curve of +7 (78-71) of the Turks, who reached the final with 80-71.

The ten minutes: 23-28, 47-42, 61-57, 80-71




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