Wednesday , October 20 2021

"Bomb": Shorou to Fofi: I will not be a candidate with KINAL POLITICA


Giannis Sgouros, who, with an open letter to Phofi Gennimatas, announces that he will not be the final candidate with KINAL.

In his letter, the Attica Regional Prosecutor is pointing to Phofi Gennimatas, noting that upon seeing his dystocia make a decision, even to the honorary position in an unpredictable position in the Declaration Declaration, he decided not to be a candidate. And he adds that his decision is final.

"Having seen the difficulty of his final decision after several days, I would like to get you out of the difficult position of the election, expressing the desire not to be a final candidate for the next parliamentary elections," he said. Mr. Sgouros in your letter.

"My decision is final, but I will always be at the forefront of the struggle for center-left unity and the defeat of neoliberalism, which has so much accumulated in Greek society," concludes the former regional governor Attica.

The letter from Yiannis Sgouros to Phofi Gennimatas

our country is experiencing one of the most critical
periods of its history as well.
tries to retreat after 10
years of severe movements, cuts
and hard austerity.

I am convinced that the process
out of the crisis
restart not only in the economy
but in all areas of the public
life to make a fresh start in terms of
sustainability and economic growth
in solid foundations.

bankruptcy receipts are not allowed
as they are sure to cost
incalculable in society, without recourse
in extreme neoliberal policies
which place society at a disadvantage
and their needs. The Great Progressive
a democratic party should be
against such policies.
and united to pursue strategy
defeat of correct neoliberalism.

implementation and implementation of
politicians with a social sign,
but free of all kinds

You know my way to
Athens City Hall and later
Attica region, I served as
kind policy, never giving in
in small and customer-oriented

I was running
in the public interest, the
production of work in need
citizens, the absorption of Community legislation
funds. Looking to the next
generations and not in the next elections.

That is how we created in the Attica region a player with health and health, who continued to work even during the economic crisis, when the state was paralyzed. Who does not charge citizens a single euro. He stood out for efficiency and efficiency.

For this reason, despite the political polarization that prevailed in the recent local elections, a large proportion of citizens, almost 300,000 citizens – equivalent to 17.40% – relied on our effort to bring back to Attica regularity, creating a strong polo. strategic importance for regional self-government. In the region where almost half of Greece lives and operates.

And this despite the fact that we have to deal with opponents who opposed astronomically to multiple resources by their visibility. In addition, we face the weakening of "friendly" forces, such as the weakening faced in the second round and support supported by the KINAL party in the region of Western Greece.

The percentage we received – in spite of all these adverse conditions – was a percentage of hope for a progressive, democratic and independent self-government without prejudice. Moreover, we have never seen our common struggle as a stepping stone to a secure transition to the "central" political scene.

"I will not be a member candidate"

By having
So learn to fight for it.
a democratic line of the old
my political steps could only be
to listen very carefully to her
your proposal to participate as a candidate
Member of the Movement of Change.

our meeting, I knew from the beginning that
my election as a non-member
it is an end in itself.

That's why I suggested
my placing in an unbeatable position
in the state Senate.

after several days
the difficulty of their final decision,
I would like to get you out of the difficult
position of choice, expressing
desire not to be a final candidate
in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. H
My decision is final, although
I will always be at the forefront of
battle for the center-left unit
and the defeat of neoliberalism,
which both accumulated in Greek

I wish every success
in the next elections and
good power in your efforts, with
always guided a united and strong
democratic faction, such as
Andreas Papandreou forged that.

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