Tuesday , October 26 2021

Bloody robbery in the Constitution: They attacked two citizens in the stadium before stabbing the cradle | GREECE


Violent, labeled and having completed asylum procedures, the two Iraqis were arrested for an attempted robbery on Monday night in a pavilion at Syntagma Square.

It is remembered that the two aliens invaded the kiosk of Amalias Vasilias around 9:30 p.m. and wounded the unfortunate cavalry with a knife and another person standing on the spot!

As reported by police sources, one of the two Iraqis has already received asylum, while the other has submitted the relevant request into consideration.

According to reports, a few hours before the bloody robbery, the two Iraqis stole two citizens. In the first case, they removed the bag from a passage – probably a tourist – while in the second they took the victim's sunglasses.

Bloody Assault: They stabbed him for two hats!


The case against them points out that the two Iraqis appeared in the pavilion and began to explore objects and products.

In unreasonable time, however, they removed two of the hats that had been hung from their store store. The owner noticed his act and when he asked them to return the hats, they attacked him and wounded him with a knife!

The following video shows blood spots at the site of a violent attack:

The perpetrators also attacked the police

In the same case, the cops describe the time to arrest the two dangerous villains. In particular, they report that DII officers responded immediately to the incident and began to pursue them.

When they arrived, however, at one point – "breathing in" from the criminals, one "pulled" the knife and the second screwdriver and tried to wound the cops. IUD men were able to disarm them and then arrested them and transferred them to the detention centers.

Note that during the bloody assault the two Iraqis hit another man, probably a client of the booth, located on the spot. The two wounded were transferred to the People's Hospital and are allegedly not at risk.

The would-be thieves will be taken to the appropriate solicitor.

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