Black Friday 2018 with great offers


The countdown to Black Friday 2018 has begun, and thousands of consumers are waiting with … agony for the next store move. There are also some stores that started making rebates during Black Friday 2018, but most will undoubtedly wait on Friday, November 23, 2018. Black Friday 2018 marks the beginning of the holiday season Christmas

Black Friday is an important opportunity for shopkeepers who should not let go, but to prepare for this promotional energy to breathe new life into the troubled market and an opportunity for consumers to make lucrative purchases.

Countdown to … Black Friday 2018

The Black Friday rebate countdown began. In less than a week, the boss will … go crazy, and consumers can win if they are careful and make smart purchases. This year, retailers' participation in "Black Friday" is expected to be high, with large discounts, but on specific products.

Last year, as a result of a sample survey of the Greek Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship in a random sample of Black Friday industry companies, ie clothing, footwear, household equipment, sporting goods and games, sales increased.

Black Friday's custom arrived in Greece to stay, as it has proven in previous years, can greatly help the domestic market. He made his first appearance in 1952 in the United States, and only a few years ago he also arrived in Greece. This year, Black Friday 2018 "falls" on Friday, November 23. The stores will offer huge discounts that will reach or exceed 80%. If you want to get the best deals, it is good to get it right.
Black Friday 2018

Useful Tips for consumers, to be aware of them, shortly before Black Friday's big discounts.

Conduct market research since early. Find and identify products that you might be interested in, price them so you can get a more accurate picture of the amount of discounts that will be announced for Black Friday.

Not in hurried markets. Buy only the real value you need or the remaining time will be prohibiting the price of your pocket. Do a thorough market research and compare prices and product quality.

Do not buy a product because it is just an offer. Study as much as you can and read through all the features of the product you are interested in to ensure that it meets your needs as well. Search for product quality reviews and rate it based on the final price, not the discount offered to you.

Enjoy the internet. Use the internet to locate alternative products as well as reviews of the product in which you are interested. Also indicate the selling price of the product from other suppliers and make your final choice.

Do not value the sole criterion. If you plan to buy a high-value product, it is especially important to assess the reliability and quality of service of the particular supplier.

Determine your budget so far. On Black Friday 2018, there will be plenty of offerings and you can take it. But if you determine the value you can make available for purchases in advance, you might be able to target really smart and useful markets.

Black Friday 2018 – What Investors Need to Know

Traders should apply the relevant provisions of the service coding and service coding codes (IPPC Rules) for "selling at reduced prices or providing additional benefits for products and services" (see Article 78). The detection of infractions is sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of Article 78 of the IPPC Rules (for mass consumption items such as food, personal hygiene, domestic cleaning) and Article 21 of Law 4,177.13 (for all other consumption).

It is worth noting that, according to paragraph 2 of article 15 of Law 4717/13, the supply of items whose quantity exceeds 50% of the total items available for each store is not allowed, unless relevant decisions have been issued. Relevant Anti-Regions in accordance with paragraph 3 of that Article.

Consumers are advised to conduct market research for products of their interest in the period prior to the above mentioned action in order to give a true picture of the size of discounts and offers that will be applied to Black Friday.

Consumers should be aware that on the day the action is taken, the benefit to them of applying rebates / offers should be clear from price in the price tables (price before and after the action).


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