"Beton Arme" company in Mykonos – incredible tax evasion GREECE


Masters in … tax evasion are once again in Mykonos and the rest of the Cyclades. The difference is that this time it is not a matter of not issuing accounts of entertainment centers or luxury stores, but of building an orgy of tax evasion!

Everything came to light after a large taxi company, codenamed "Concrete."

The auditors, based on specific instructions from the Piraeus Tax Authority, have conducted inspections of building materials and construction of related professions for two weeks. In most cases, they appear as builders, plumbers, electricians, etc., who are interested in obtaining supplies for their work.

The code name "Concrete Arme" was the business
Illegal and late transfers
Three companies were sealed in Mykonos

Awesome Results

The results were remarkable: trains that did not carry documents, gravel, and other materials were found at the time, which – at dawn – reached the port of Mykonos from the ships that came from Leros. Grande SA with electrical equipment in Mykonos, was found with a lot of transactions without issuing invoices. It has been sealed and already tested for previous uses. The cooperative store was closed because no invoice issuance was found for various transactions with contractors and plumbers.

For the same reasons, three other companies were sealed and fines were imposed on seven others, which continue 24 hours a day, as it is observed that in the months when there is no intense tourist activity, tax evasion is excessive with "professionals". In addition to sealing and fine-tuning, these companies are prioritized for regular control.


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