Banks closed on Monday Monday due to a special holiday – How they will work


According to the SCF, the trans-European automated real-time gross settlement system (TARGET2) will be terminated on April 19 and 22, 2019, O Good friday it's the the second day of Catholic Easter / Protests respectively.

These days do not coincide with holidays within the Greek territory and, consequently, according to article 11 of Law 3356/2005, are special days of interbank transactions and the provisions of this article will be applied.

Specifically, on these dates bank branches will remain open, since these days are working for the staff. However, provide limited service for the business community, since the non-functioning of the TARGET2 System does not allow the execution of certain interbank transactions.

The day of interbank trading is valid for Bank of Greece, the group companies From the Athens Stock Exchange, the company Interbank Systems SA, as well as the following business categories:

1. Credit institutions operating in Greece, including Greek credit institutions, the deposit and loan fund and the branches of foreign credit institutions.

2. Investment Companies.

3. Leasing companies and receivables companies.

4. Management Companies of Mutual Funds and public limited companies.


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