Android SVP is testing the upcoming Google Pixel 3a


Less than six months after the Pixel 3 series, Google seems to be heading for an unexpected release of two new phones, which are likely to be called Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. According to rumors, these devices are a kind of lite version of the two flagship devices launched last October. Despite the abundance of rumors, we are still not in a position to say when the new devices will be released, but it will probably be sooner than expected.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google's senior vice president on Android, talks about a phone not listed on Twitter. More specifically, Lockheimer said: "I took some photos with an unannounced phone" and complements "So I probably do not need to post them here". Taking into account all the recent rumors and statements of the boss of Android, we have reason to believe that this unknown phone could be one of two Pixel 3a.

Lockheimer used the device during his visit to an area of ​​historic importance in technology at Hewlett Packard's offices in the 1960s. Because he took photos with only this device, he probably had no other with him. This suggests that Hiroshi will probably use this as the primary daily phone. This may mean that the new model is very close to traffic and used by some important testers in real life.

The duo Pixel 3a comes with specifications lower than those of its flagship counterparts. Its processors are middle class, their construction in polycarbonate and, of course, will have a lower price. However, the two devices will be able to maintain the excellent reputation of the Pixel phones, since they will bring the same quality cameras as the Pixel 3 flags.


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