And yet: we confirm our worst fears (Video)


George Farmakis

In a simple way, our fears were confirmed about people's addiction to technology.

Read the news we wrote earlier in the day!

Your Consortium Sony Corporation in Japan, said he would move on take action to deal with the addiction of children in video games, as the World Health Organization (WHO) will characterize this addiction, as disorder.

"We have to take it seriously and move on to take action," said Sony Executive Director Kenichiro Yossida.

"We have already implemented a system prohibiting access, depending on the ageas we go forward adoption of measures on our own basis rules " said Yossida.

Why does the above news confirm our fears?

  1. Shows the addiction of people in technology.
  2. If simple video games, has this effect on the world, the more complex environments it offers VR technology, what effect do they have?

VR (virtual reality):

In conclusion: It is very easy, the modern man live in a virtual environment that will offer EVERYONE! Imagine a world built to suit us, to which Let's cry, let's laugh, we'll be happy.

Technology already exists:

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