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Alexandris: "No one can silence my beliefs" (photo) | Football: Greece

After posting about immigrants, Alekos Alexandris was strongly criticized for this and made the following explanation:

"As I have no website or paid and no one to make fun of it, I will tell you something without tiring you … As for the post you analyzed with such zeal and hypocrisy, I will clarify that it is not mine, as you will see in the end I did not write. Throughout the text, I am clearly not interested in what any human being eats or smells of onions, but others, such as rape, theft, degradation of my homeland's customs and values, and desecration of my beliefs. in the ideals of home finds me totally in agreement …
If anyone thinks this is racist, it is their right …

My concern is not with immigrants, but with those who invade my country so easily with criminal tendencies that no one knows where they come from or even with war refugees. Once again I see the hypocrisy and fascism that paid off. My own country of the Greeks who, as always in our history as a people, brought it to the present city center. No one can silence my beliefs, values, and thoughts like any of my fellow human beings. I hope that in a few years you will not agree with what I am saying, because if you agree, the homeland will be lost .. Stop the uncontrolled immigrants and not those who are looking for a chance in my country … I hope the bad ones come along same zeal for the projection you made today …
Good night Greece, let's get sleeves going forward, which we see wrong.

PS.1 Don't confuse my words with sports!
PS.2 And I know it won't be published, because everyone chooses to cheat what's in their interest. "

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