Ajax Flyer for the Final! – Football – Champions League


Off to the final! Ten Hahn's team made a show and closed another home after Real Madrid and Juventus with Tottenham 1-0 in London in the first semifinal of the two teams.

The Dutch played the game much better and led the 15's with Beek's Fan, and checked the pace for the longest time of the match. After the 30's, the disgusting hosts woke up but did not have the opportunity to create clear opportunities.

At 78 ', Ayetta came in at 0-2, but the Nerees threw the area stopped at the bar. On the following Wednesday (8/5) the rematch of the two teams in Amsterdam.

The game

After the first five-minute Agayx took the initiative of movements and dominated, with his soccer players unfolding their virtues with the ball standing and working together perfectly.

The Dutchman's best score was at 15 & # 39;, with Ziegek making a big scratch on Beek Fan, who was not disturbed in the area and called Yoris appropriately to write the 0-1.


On the other hand, the Tottenham players seemed to have … lost and failed to "grow". In fact, "Ajantas" came close to 0-2 to 24 ", but Yoris pushed the top scorer of the visitors through the area.

The Englishman did not have to threaten and had to wait 26 – to get his first chance: Eriksen shot, Yiorende's head crossed the box, but he did not score right to send the ball away.

After the first time, the hosts increased their performance due to an … unexpected event. In particular, Ferdinand was injured in the face after a clash with Alderney and the game was interrupted for several minutes. The Belgian defender of the Londoners was forced to change, with Sicocco slipping into his post and Potchesino changing his lineup, which proved to be beneficial to his team.


In the last five minutes and in the delays of the first part, his players Tottenham they increased their pressure and left the Ajax area with two good moments, with Alderwirelde's head through the region and Sissoc's long shot fleeing. That was how the first half was completed, with the guests taking precedence by 1 to 0.

In the second part, the hosts started … bastards wanting to "choke" their opponents. Of course, the first good moment in the second half belonged to "Ajax", with Taliafico to shoot out of the area, but the ball to go out next to Yoris (46 & # 39;).

With Deal Ali sharply increasing his performance, Tottenham dominated and had the initiative to move, but he did not find the big stage. The Londoner's 23-year-old had two menacing moments, with a kick in the shot (50 & # 39;) and head (56 & # 39;), which ended on Onan's return and in full respectively.


From 60 & # 39 ;, the Dutch They "froze" the rhythm and cut the … domestic crows. On the other hand, the Pottsetino team tried to press deeply into the opposing area, but there was nothing to threaten.

The set of Ten Hahh was defending remarkably and trying to become threatening to the accountant. The 78's even touched 0-2 after an excellent counterattack, with Nereus sliding through the area, but he was unlucky when the ball stopped at the bar and while Yoris was underestimated.

In the last 10 minutes, Ajax did not allow Tottenham Hotspur to find a clear opportunity and kept the 0-1 favor in relative ease, giving him a significant lead in the standings for the final.

The compositions of the two groups:

Tottenham (Pottsina): Yoris – Alderney, Sanchez, Fernando (39 Sissocco) – Tripeir (80 & Fos), Guanajama, Ericson, Rose (80 & Davis)

Hannover (86 Chudetelar), Nerja, Tadic (65 Mazarai) – Zhenyu (86 Chudelaar)

The life of the fight:


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