Monday , October 18 2021

AEK in front of the most difficult transcripts – Articles – Thasos Tsatalis – Articles – A.E.K.


• Designing the AEK is smooth and smooth so far. In view, of course, of two very important movements, the interest of the world is growing even more. By the attack we say, by the extreme and by the.

• Anyone who says he can predict here that we will lie.

• There are cases that are … moving for days and may end within the next 24 hours. Or they could pull something else and it's a matter of AEK how much he wants to wait.

• There are alternatives that work simultaneously or will arise more depending on the developments.

• There is an end to the team's desire, these two important moves, to be players who will become theirs. And in the worst case, some kind of Livayia type loan.

• That is, if you know how the player is going to leave, it is your responsibility to take him in honor that you can meet.

• Easy to understand is not an easy match for a group with the AEK hotline for economic policy. Therefore, any estimate for a time horizon is probably unfounded.

• Of course we can usually say how the "blacks-yellows" are going to have the extreme in Poland for sure. And for the ship, depending on the evolution and as soon as possible.

• Also, since it feels like the two transcripts will be "bam", we still need to be a bit restricted.

• For now, you are really feeling the curriculum and the "evidence" of your quality. There I will probably be exhausted on all margins to be sure of the possible solution.

• For the extreme, the characteristics of the race and the appreciation of the coach will play the key role.

• From there, there may be something in the profile of the form as described above. Someone has already "arrived", convinced directly by name.

• But it may be someone with a younger player with a perspective. Which, of course, has already given some clear examples of this perspective.

• AEK will in any case in Poland quite full.

• But we must not forget that with a new coach in the bank, no one can exclude during the preparation to change the assessment that he has in mind for some players. And the planning needs are the same.

• Those who will go to Poland will start with the prospect of being on the list for the new season. But it does not come and go.

• Cardoso wants a small cast as he described in his presentation, but that means players who will feel confident to trust at any moment.

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