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The return of Kosta Slouka, was for Olympiakos the first and foremost concern for this year's design. The Reds, for about a month since the end of the season, made no further progress as they were awaiting the decision of the international keeper.

They even made their offer at € 5.4 million for a three-year contract (about 12 million along with the tax administration) to convince him with this economic excess to leave Fenerbahçe, but they were unsuccessful and now they will activate a second shot they planned to empower the list in anticipation of the new season.

Once the region was not reinforced with the only Greek player that could be won, Olympiacos will go to two foreign guards in "1" and "2", also definitely counting on William Will, for whom it might have been a thought to free Slou on the list. The trend is that the amount to be given for the old "red-white" is given to two players, with most of them going for snorkeling and not for game creator. That, of course, does not mean that if OEM and David Blatt find a 1.6-1.8 million first-class case that would be delivered to Sloke annually, they will not proceed.

You can already hear the names of Bard Woannemaker, Milos Teodosic and Malcolm Dilenini, and Thomas Ertel and Fabian Kozer are also busy, since they are free from Barcelona and Real respectively. For the gardens, Kevin Pader (ex-AEK), Norris Cole and Tony Douglas are always in the most viable and affordable financial cases, but for now we can only talk about suggestions and thoughts and not about official contacts.

Greeks … there are

It is not impossible that Olympiacos reinforce its Greek element, after Antonis Koniaris, try to acquire Giannoulis Larenzakis of AEK, who wants to take the next step in his career without leaving Blatt in the cases of Linos Chrysikopoulos and Dimitris Kaklamanakis. The acquisition of the Greeks is imperative, since everything indicates that Agravanis and Bogris will be a past, whereas Mantzaris is a meteorologist.

As for the case of guard / striker Partizan, 22, Vanya Marinkovic, selected at the NBA's 60th NBA Sacramento Kings, Olympiacos, who expressed language interest in the player, will have to wait to learn the plans of the Sacramento team (either to take him out of this year or leave a season in Europe) so he can officially move to his acquisition. His contract has a clause of 300,000 euros, and the Reds, if they see as the player will not move from now to the US, will pass immediately.

In "4," Jeremy Evans appears to be upstairs after considering entering his two-year contract against $ 1.2 million in options for an NBA guaranteed contract. If your case is closed, coach Blatt will go to the center that will frame Nikola Milutinov. Yesterday, it was written that he likes Michael Eric of Darussafa, but that is not the case, as it is not true that a 40% reduction in salary has been proposed to George Printezis.

Finally, next week, as everyone else, will be the discussion of the brothers Angelopoulos with Vassilis Spanoulis, for the renewal of his contract.


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