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A Maddox denounced a coup in progress by Guayaquil

04/30/19 • 14:10 | UPD 04/30/19 • 2:46 PM


The situation in Venezuela is at the limit, as the country's self-proclaimed president Juan Guaidos calls for a military revolt against Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidos said today that he has begun the "final phase" of his plan to oust President Nicolas Maduro by inviting Venezuelans and the army to support him in order to end the "extortion of power" Mature.

Reuters Reporter saw Guaid standing near La Carlotta Air Force Base in Caracas amidst a group of men wearing military uniforms.

Venezuelan intelligence minister Jorge Rodrigues said in a statement that the Venezuelan government is facing a small group of "treacherous militants" seeking to wage a coup.

Guaido, in a video posted on his Twitter account, spoke alongside men in military uniform and opposition politician Leopold Lopes, who was placed under a residential restraint.

"The national armed forces have made the right decision and count on the support of the Venezuelan people," Guadai said.

Guaido, the leader of the National Assembly controlled by the opposition in January, invoked the constitution to take over a temporary president, arguing that re-election of Maduro in 2018 was illegal.

He travels outside the capital Caracas more and more in recent weeks in an effort to put pressure on Maduro to resign.

Demonstrations are scheduled for tomorrow, May 1, including the "longest course in Venezuelan history," as Guatem called it, as part of the "final phase" of its attempt to seize new elections.

Approximately 50 countries, including the United States, have identified Guaid as acting president of Venezuela.

Maduro calls the US Guaidian doll that seeks to expel him with a blow. The government captured his senior adviser, deprived Guadas of his parliamentary immunity and initiated several investigations against him. He also banned him from leaving the country, a ban that Guadai had violated earlier this year.

Last week, Guido said his congressional ally – opposition MP Hilber Karol – was arrested and 11 members of his team were invited to appear before the Shebbin intelligence service.

"The Venezuelan government faces a small group of army traitors trying to support a coup attempt," Venezuelan intelligence minister Jorge Rodriguez wrote on Twitter.

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