A furious announcement of "Gate 7" after the Olympiacos blockade – Newsbeast


An angry announcement addressed to team players and coach was announced a few minutes ago by "Door 7".

Organized Olympiacos fans have sent out a difficult message saying that tolerance has ended up referring to players' contracts that are now being questioned, and they are wondering if it's time to get Martin's things.

The announcement of Olympiacos is as follows:

The time has come, the cup is overflowing, you are EVERYTHING EVERYTHING for another year OR Either take it or find out where you are playing OLYMPIC OUT OF FLEXIBLE PROTOFANS You play with power like chickens, in silent pantomime, with Lamia convinced that you passed before you even touched.THYRA 7, patience, did not talk so much, was by your side and you excited, but now, YOU CAN FIND YOU JUST BEFORE YOU, when you do not do the only thing you you need, NICKEL!
Come in the summer to get a contract and we will be there, some people disappear from the counter, because if you do not go out alone, you will kick. And Martins, you have the team since the beginning of the year, you have come since April to see the shortcomings in order to do what we dream. But unfortunately you could not get the FIRST team. Is it time for you to prepare your things slowly for every chance? "



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