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ZDF television garden: "embarrassing" – singer with trembling bust size – and viewers mock Kiewel clothing

Final edition of "ZDF TV Garden on the sun and fun tour" of Gran Canaria. The clothes of the presenter Andrea Kiewel irritates many spectators. Lool Trigger too.

Gran Canaria – The third and last edition of the "ZDF-Fernsehgarten on tour", is celebrated on April 28th, in the "Playa de Amadores", in the south of Gran Canaria. Guests are the glass bead game, Loona, Luca Hänni, Netta, Dario G, Jaden Bojsen, Marquess, Micar and many others. For information in advance: The weather in Gran Canaria is mixed. "A very good party show," announces Andrea Kiewel, who moderated in sign of red blouse and colorful pants – and therefore offers many Twitter viewers to ridicule.

But there are also compliments to the gaze of the presenter:

ZDF television garden: Loona singer with squeeze-cleavage

The same question arises with singer Loona, who appears with a new song. Beneath the gold boots, the bust squeezed them into a dangerously tight corset. The co-host Manuel Cortez, the man next to Andrea Kiewel, who arrives very well to the public, has almost nothing. He's hanging in the swimming trunks at the pool. "Ahhh …" Kiewel finds his vision.

ZDF television garden: pool games with singer Blümchen

To play pool in the team Manuel: the singer Loona and the singer Blümchen, in the team Kiwi: the singer Luca Hänni and the actor Kerem. Rubber games on the water.

Before the second round, Kiwi's "stylish fairy" Astrid Rudolph presents fashion, she recommends cowboy boots and chaps. Kiwi reveals that she likes going to rock festivals and is just learning to knit. Style tips are quite different views.

ZDF television garden: Andrea Kiewel suggested the name for the cloud Hugbarts baby

Manuel Cortez once again presents some of the beauties of the island of Gran Canaria in short introductory films. In a white suit, not in swim trunks. Time for a reference program for the ZDF-Herzkino night with leading actress Wolke Hegenbart confirming her pregnancy. The presenter has a hint of name: "Kiwi, that works for both." And if the mother's cloud, the child can also be called kiwi. Second Game: Sandcasting.

ZDF TV Garden: winner of ESC Netta with new music

The musical highlight: Last year's winner, Netta, presents his new song, Cocktail Uwe Christiansen and then cocktails, Kiwi has a technical question: "Is banana a banana liqueur?"

"Now something is coming, very special. Acrobatics," announces the Kiwi. Thomas Seitel on? No. Of Montreal Lea and Francis, the Unity duo, who are spinning together in a ring. The public is angry.

Marine biologist Uli Kunz can still tell you about his experiences underwater and point out his mission in ZDF. So, team game number 3, now goes into the water. Ladies legging and gymnastics top. Loona with trembling bust completely out of breath.

"ZDF-Fernsehgarten on tour" is hereby terminated. And no, this hope of a bystander was not fulfilled:

ZDF Television Garden with Andrea Kiewel and Andrea Berg

Next Sunday, May 5, 2019, the "2019 TV Garden" season of 2019 will begin with moderator Andrea Kiewel at the Lerchenberg in Mainz. So there: Andrea Berg, who recently expressed the love of Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen.

In the last edition of ZDF Fernsehgarten, there was a scandal over Estefania Wollny.

A miraculous transformation of Andrea Kiewel raised questions

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