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The change of rule 14 football should help the goalkeepers on the penalty mark. At the World Cup in France, shows how the modification is fatal.

Comment by Ulrich Hartmann

The change to rule 14 should help goalkeepers with the penalty. If a goalkeeper only has to touch the goal line with one foot in the penalty instead of two, since he would be better able to take a step forward in anticipation of the pitch, he generously wrote the World Association in the statement of the rule. So far the theory.

In the World Cup women's shows for goalkeepers, only the fatal extension of the rule change. If almost no referee or video assistant has paid close attention to the contact between the goalkeeper's feet and the goal line, everyone now looks carefully. Already in three cases, the World Cup had been penalized by a freeze, telling the goalkeeper to jump a fraction of a second very early.

The hardness is absurd

Jamaican goalkeeper Schneider was the first to experience evil. Then Nigerian Nnadozie, who suffered the decisive 1-0 against France in the reprieve, after Wendie Renard fired in the first attempt. And now the worst case: The Scotsman Lee Alexander defended in time of injury the first penalty of the Argentinean Bonsegundo. But as the German referee Dankert intervened, it was also repeated here: goal, 3: 3 – thus, Scotland was eliminated from the tournament, after a 3-0 lead.

Football world cup With calm and elegance

Siegtorschützin Däbritz

With calm and elegance

Sara Däbritz is one of the most internationally popular German footballers. She has a concrete vision for success – her important goal against Spain also proves her versatility.By Anna Dreher

Former German goalkeeper Nadine Angerer posted a cartoon on the internet, with a goalkeeper pointed to the goal line. The injustice of the new Rule 14 can not be much more cynical and concise.

The harshness with which such centimetric and centenarian offenses are punished is absurd, considering how penalty takers can delay their attempt to provoke goalkeepers. The goalkeeper takes the body with the maximum tension in the line – and should remain until the last fraction of a second. This is almost impossible.

The new rule also allows referees and assistants to clear penalties and abuse bad goalkeepers with yellow cards. Two late penalties in a game are strictly speaking of relegation, not to mention the chaos that can happen in a penalty shootout. From this point of view, the Women's World Cup may still face lively debates.

Women's World Cup One of the highest in the fight for justice

One of the highest in the fight for justice

With the number 17 of the World Cup, the Brazilian Marta surpasses Miroslav Klose. But most of all, she is fighting for equal opportunities for all women – on all levels.By Anna Dreher


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