Word of Youth of the Year 2018 is "Ehrenmann / Ehrenfrau"


The Youth Word of the Year 2018 is "Ehrenmann" or "Ehrenfrau". It was chosen by Langenscheidt-Verlag.

The expression "Ehrenmann" resp. "Ehrenfrau" follows in the footsteps of "I bims" and becomes Jugendwort des Jahres. He describes someone who does something special for another.

From late August to Tuesday night, in an online poll, 30 items to choose from, which are to show how teenagers talk today: including "leek", another word for idiot.

Youth Word 2018: Voting favorite was "verbuggt"

The favorite of online voting participants has been "stapled" – for something that is full of mistakes. "Containing glucose", synonymous with sweet, came in second place. "Ehrenmann", the jury's favorite word, voted the participants in the third vote. 1.5 million votes were cast. Referring to the withdrawal of the FDP and its leader Christian Lindner from a possible coalition with the CDU and the Greens after the general elections of 2017, "lindnern" represented the election: better to do something than to do something bad.

Youth Word of the Year selected a jury of 21 members from the ten most popular online voting words. It consisted of journalists, linguists, bloggers, students and a police commissioner from Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Youth Word of the Year 2017 was "I am bim"

In 2017, the term "I bims" won, synonymous with "I am" and "I am". In the previous online poll, "Goes Fit" was the name given to something going well.

Word of Youth of the Year: the previous winners
2018 Gentleman: someone who does something special for someone
2017 I'm bims: it's me
2016 be a fly out
2015 Smombie: Smartphone + Zumbi = Smombie
2014 Runs on you: all perfect (can be ironic)
2013 Babo: Leader, boss
2012 Yolo: you only live once, "be"
2011 Swag: look cool
2010 Simbo level: constant level reduction
2009 hartzen: lying on his lazy skin
2008 Gammelfleischparty: party of Ü30

Since 2008, a young word is determined annually. It is often argued whether the word actually chosen corresponds to the use of young people's language. The election is a promotion of the publisher Langenscheidt.


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